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Residential Organics Limited Program

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Organics Limited Program

LIMITED RESIDENTIAL ORGANICS PROGRAM Residential property owners now have a new program available for food waste recycling. In cooperation with Waste Management, Agoura Hills residents can participate in the “Limited” Organic Food Waste collection program by way of their green waste can. There is no need for an additional container to recycle certain type of food waste, and no additional cost for this service! It is available as part of your regular refuse and recycling collection services.

Under existing state law, collection of organics is now being required in the commercial sector and in multi-family complexes under certain parameters. While the resident sector has not been mandated, Agoura Hills want to make an effort to maximize efforts to continue to meet state mandates to reduce its amount of trash being disposed at local landfills. This voluntary program will continue to assist the City with mandatory solid waste diversion to local landfills. Organics (food waste) is the next product that will be recycled and reused. While it is not mandated, the City highly encourages participation in this limited organics program. It is easy and no additional carts are needed.

Residents can now combine some limited food waste products with their green waste in the same cart. There is no need to separate. The following items can be disposed in your residential green waste can:

1. Bread                                     5. Coffee Grounds
2. Fruit                                       6. Fish
3. Vegetables                         7. Meat
4. Tea Bags

List of acceptable/non acceptable items Organics Flyer Residential_WM

Only these items can be placed inside your green waste cart. Any other product will result in the green cart becoming contaminated and disposed at landfill as “trash”, and it will not be recycled. Please note that continued contamination can result in a contamination fee being charged to your residential trash bill.

No. Currently only the above listed items can be collected. However, residents can consider purchasing a composting bin and personally recycle food waste items at home. The byproduct of composting can be used to augment home gardens and vegetable gardens. Below are some information links:

No. As many of the multi-family complexes do not have green waste carts, and contracts with landscape companies to maintain landscaped areas, this program is not available. However, under AB 341, a multi-family complex that generates more than 4 cubic yards of organic waste are required to have a program for the collection of organics. If your complex falls into this category, the City will contact the HOA or Property Management company to discuss requirements and programs to implement.

If your complex is interested in starting a voluntary organics collection program, have your HOA or Property Management Company contact Waste Management at (805) 955-4342 to arrange for a representative from Waste Management to visit the complex and look at options available.

WHO DO I CONTACT IF I HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS PROGRAM? Questions regarding the specifics of the program can be directed to City staff at 818-597-7314 or the City’s Solid Waste Consultant, SWS Inc., at 805-495-7521. Questions regarding the service collection and item requirements can be directed to Waste Management staff at (805) 955-4342.

As the State of California looks to increase the current statewide solid waste diversion of 50% to 75% in an effort to reduce the amount of solid waste (trash) to local landfills, the collection and recycling of organics will assist Agoura Hills in continuing to increase its own diversion. We hope you will consider participating in this program.

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