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Recycling and Waste Management

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Greening of Agoura Hills LogoWhy Recycle?

On average, U.S. residents throw away 4.3 pounds of "trash" per person making up 200 million tons of solid waste nationally. With over 75% of this trash being buried in waste-fields and incinerated, our ability to accept more trash using these methods is exponentially decreasing. Landfills would eventually be forced to close and relocate to new open lands bringing their potentially toxic problems closer to our neighborhoods. Cities and counties are left with the burden of covering costs associated with waste disposal.

Waste reduction and recycling ARE sustainable solutions to this problem. Find out how you can participate in saving our environment and making our city a greener, better place to live in.

How Can I Help?

By lowering how much natural resources you use and solid waste you produce, you are preserving the environment for generations to come. Not only does everyone's participation impact Agoura Hills, collectively, we can help make our state, nation, and world be a greener, healthier place.

Here are some quick tips:


  • Don't buy products which have excessive packaging 
  • Avoid using a bag at the store if not necessary 
  • Have your name removed from mailing lists of products you aren't interested in 
  • Don't buy more than you need


  • Use durable items instead of disposable
  • Use your own cloth bag or reuse a brown bag for groceries
  • Fix worn out appliance instead of tossing them
  • Reuse mailing envelopes and boxes when sending documents and packages
  • Use sponges instead of paper towels


  • Fully utilize our convenient curbside recycling pick-up program. Throw all of your cans, glass, plastics, newspaper, and mixed paper into the designated bin for pick up every week.
  • When you actively recycle, you limit the amount of trash you generate and can save money on your trash bill by requiring a small bin for trash and requesting more recycling bins.
  • Use the monthly hazardous waste program to recycle your motor oil, paints, and other potentially harmful products.
  • Call 1-888-CLEAN-LA for details on other waste management programs and locations where you can recycle additional solid waste.

Don't Forget the Tires!

Living in the car capitol of the world, we use millions of tires each year in Los Angeles County alone. Recycling tires are beneficial to us AND the environment. They are used for alternative fuel, pavement surfaces, structural support, and padding.

First, remember proper tire maintenance ("B.R.A.I.D."):

Balance your tires when rotating them
Rotate your tires every 5,000 miles
Align your tires for even wear & precise steering
Inflate your tires properly twice a month
Drive using good driving habits.

And remember, RECYCLE YOUR WASTE TIRES! Call 1-888-CLEAN-LA or visit http://www.888cleanla.comfor recycling facilities and information.

In Addition to Trash...

There's more? The Greening of Agoura Hills takes more than just managing our solid wastes, we need to control harmful pollutants created by our everyday lives. We would also like our air to be cleaner, our water to be purer, and our energy to be plentiful.

Flex Your Power
The State of California has been experiencing high demands for power, sometimes exceeding the amount that is supplied. Whenever usage exceeds supply, rolling blackouts is a harsh reality. To prevent blackouts as best we can, let's try our best to eliminate wasteful energy spending and promote conservation.

  • Turn down the thermostat.
  • Get rid of that spare refrigerator and other wasted energy users.
  • Reduce hot water temperature.
  • Shorten showers.
  • Do only full loads when using the dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Put your computer/monitor to sleep/hibernation.
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