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Mayor's Monarch Pledge

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Mayor's Monarch Pledge

"The iconic Monarch butterfly is a beloved symbol of hope and renewal. They are a precious resource and a crucial pollinator of many different types of wildflowers. Agoura Hills is proud to be a part of this important effort to preserve and increase their numbers for the benefit of all and the health of the planet." – Mayor Linda Northrup

Mayor Linda Northrup has teamed up with hundreds of mayors across the United States, Canada, and Mexico in support of the monarch butterfly by signing the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge.

The Mayor’s Monarch Pledge is an initiative that was started to bring light to the rapid decline in population of the monarch butterfly. This iconic species has seen a 90% decrease in population over the past two decades largely in part to the disruption of the species natural habitat.

Agoura Hills is committed to helping reestablish the monarch butterfly’s presence in Southern California by increasing awareness, encouraging the community to get involved, and providing informational resources about how you can help join the cause.

Getting Involved

Monarch butterflies use milkweed stands as breeding areas. There are as many as 15 species of Milkweed that are native to California. Planting these in your gardens or landscaping can help to bolster the natural habitat for the butterflies in our community. It is important to plant those species of Milkweed that are adapted to the climate of Agoura Hills.

These are some of the suggested native Milkweed species:

Asclepias californica / California milkweed
A. eriocarpa / Indian Milkweed
A. fascicularis / Narrow-leaved Milkweed
A. vestita / Wooly Milkweed

For more information regarding Milkweed and its different species in California please refer to this guide.


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