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Oak Tree Preservation

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Oak trees are an integral part of the character of the area. These trees are a community asset by providing environmental benefits such as cooler summer temperatures, pollution filtration, sustaining wildlife habitat and preventing soil erosion.

There are four native species of protected oak trees found in Agoura Hills:

  • Valley Oak
  • Coast Live Oak
  • Scrub Oak
  • Coastal Scrub Oak

These trees require special care and consideration to remain healthy and vigorous. To promote healthy oak trees, there is a protected zone for any oak tree having a trunk diameter of two inches or greater. The protected zone is defined as the area beneath the dripline or canopy of the tree plus five more feet beyond the dripline. Oaks are especially sensitive to disturbance in this protected zone and therefore activities with this zone require special attention.

You may be required to apply for Oak Tree Permit if you are considering:

  • Trimming the tree
  • Undertaking construction nearby an on-site or off-site oak tree (i.e. pools, patios, decks, walls, irrigation systems, general landscaping and hardscaping)

The City's Oak Tree Consultant is available to help you with any questions you may have about the health of your oak trees or any project you are considering undertaking near your trees. See the "Contact Information" page for contact information.

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