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New Business License Information

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Business License

All individuals and businesses performing work within the city limits, whether or not they have a physical location in the City, are required to have a business license. Before you begin operating your business in Agoura Hills, there are several steps you will need to follow depending on the type of business you intend to start.  

Step 1: Determine your business location 

Selecting the right location for your business is crucial to your success. To insure that your business activity is allowed for the zoning or if there are any special parking considerations, it is highly suggested that you contact the City's Planning Division staff at (818) 597-7328 prior to signing any lease or rental agreement.

If your business is not permitted in the zoning district you have chosen, planners may advise you of the proper zoning district(s) for your business. 

Even though residents are allowed to conduct business out of their home, home occupation permits are issued as an ancillary use to the residence and are subject to the Home Occupation Guidelines.

Step 2: Determine a business name

If the name of your business is anything other than your own legal surname, California State law requires you to file a fictitious name statement to ensure the public knows whom they are conducting business. This needs to be filed with the Los Angeles County Clerk or (562) 462-2177.  You will also need to utilize a local paper of circulation such as The Acorn Newspaper or (818) 706-0266 (needs to be done once a week for 4 consecutive weeks).

Step 3: Determine whether you need a resale number

A resale number is a requirement for any one conducting business as a seller of tangible property. A resale number can be obtained through the State Board of Equalization at or (626) 480-7200.

Step 4: Obtain any permits or licences required by state or federal government for your business

Certain businesses require state, regional, and/or federal government agency permits or background checks.  For a list of those businesses, please click on the related link:

Step 5: Apply for your business license

After you have obtained the required permits and have received the Planning Division's approval for your business location, you may apply for your business license. 

New applications and annual renewals may be submitted on-line at

For licenses pertaining to taxi services, please contact the Planning Division at 818-597-7328. 

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